Choppin' up in the Shop! The 302 Gets HEADS & CAM!

So as the streetcar/slow car stuff gains more and more traction, everyone is doing upgrades. Billy wants to get everything he can out of this 302 and we're probably going to find it's breaking point eventually. But that's the fun part! Billy acquired a set of aluminum trick flow heads, and a stage 2 trick flow camshaft. After the upgrades, he's hoping to get close to 400 HP NA. Then, if he still needs to... he will throw the inevitable 200 shot at it. If the 302 wasn't already hating it's life... it's gonna hate it's life now! We hope you enjoy the endless laughter from the video, and the choppin' up in the shop while we work on street cars! Shop SRC Merchandise: Instagram: @streetracingchannel Support the Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Sponsors: Stripper Glitter Traction Compound Hot Shot's Secret: Vickers Performance Transmissions: (330) 584-3679 11152 Bandy Rd, Alliance, OH 44601 Optic Armor: Hughes Performance:

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