Fastest 2018 Turbo Mustang vs 1000+hp F1X C7 Z06 & MORE! Best of Street Racing - August's Top 10

SORRY, HAD TO EDIT AND RE-UPLOAD DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES! MUST WATCH! Top 10 races featured on our channel in August, obviously in our opinion! ;) Let us know if you agree or disagree!? What would you change? Trying this out and will be a new monthly series on the channel if it goes well! Let me know if you guys enjoy this! To know more about the builds watch the older videos on the channel, the mods are listed out more specifically in previous videos. Enjoy and subscribe! Thank you! - LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW CONTENT EVERY WEEK!!! - BUY YOUR DECALS & T-SHIRTS HERE: - LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: - FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @STREETCARVIDEO - SNAPCHAT: StreetCarVideo

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