SRC at the Fastest Backwoods Track in the Country - War in the Woods IX

War in the woods is a race like no other. SRC takes you on an adventure to one of the the most sketchy tracks in the US. People come from all over the world to experience the War in the woods races. Drivers put their balls in a wheelbarrow going faster than anyone ever would think possible on such an old outdated track in the middle of nowhere backwoods Indiana. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop SRC Merchandise: Instagram: @streetracingchannel Support the Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Sponsors: Stripper Glitter Traction Compound Stinger Race Fuels: Click Find a Dealer, Then Check the Stinger Race Fuel Box, Check the Street Racing Channel Box when asked how did you hear about us! Weld Tables: Hot Shot's Secret: Vickers Performance Transmissions: (330) 584-3679 11152 Bandy Rd, Alliance, OH 44601 Optic Armor: Hughes Performance:

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