Street Racing Channel vs John Doc + More at WILD $20,000 No Prep Race

SRC Vs. John Doc in Round 1, I know a lot of people have been wanting to see us race. Luck of the draw we drew each other out of 61 drivers. It was just meant to be. Then, Of course the rest of the event was killer. It was a great time and we met some awesome people in South Carolina. Glad to be back racing again after a long winter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop SRC Merchandise: Instagram: @streetracingchannel Support the Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Sponsors: Stripper Glitter Traction Compound Stinger Race Fuels: Click Find a Dealer, Then Check the Stinger Race Fuel Box, Check the Street Racing Channel Box when asked how did you hear about us! Weld Tables: Hot Shot's Secret: Vickers Performance Transmissions: (330) 584-3679 11152 Bandy Rd, Alliance, OH 44601 Optic Armor: Hughes Performance:

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