Testing Goes Terribly Wrong, Broke again...

Sometimes in Racing, things just don't go your way. The ups, and the downs are constant. This time, I break something I have never broken before! Setting personal records, and reaching new lows. The S-10 will be down for a couple weeks most likely as I wait for a new camshaft and other parts. If you wish to donate to the cause and help us get back to the races sooner than later I have shirts for sale on the website as always. Thank you for the support! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop SRC Merchandise: https://www.streetracingchannel.com/shop Instagram: @streetracingchannel Support the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0jL6KhwMy3NX_oAdWmw9gw/join --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Sponsors: Skinnies Skreecret Sauce: http://www.skinniessauce.com/src (GET 15% OFF) Code: SRC15 Stinger Race Fuels: http://www.stingerracefuel.com Click Find a Dealer, Then Check the Stinger Race Fuel Box, Check the Street Racing Channel Box when asked how did you hear about us! Weld Tables: https://weldtables.com Hot Shot's Secret: https://www.hotshotsecret.com Vickers Performance Transmissions: (330) 584-3679 11152 Bandy Rd, Alliance, OH 44601 Optic Armor: http://www.opticarmorwindows.com/

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