The FANTASY FACTORY of Auto Shops (1320Garages | Ep. 3)

We've been all around the world and seen a TON of different auto shops. One of our absolute favorite shops is in Iowa of all places! In this video, we have the owners, Justin and Cole, take us through every section of their shop and we can assure you it's not what you're expecting. Aside from the beautiful shop itself, they have an amazing dyno area, wash bay, indoor lounge, outdoor lounge, photo area, recording studio, fabrication area, body work area, and somehow even more than that! Of course we take a few cars for a rip and have a great time doing so! We hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we did filming it! Let us know where we need to go for the next 1320Garages episode! Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► ———————————————————————————————————— Watch more of our recent & related videos!: --- Lambo On Fire at 200mph, Crazy 2JZ Tacoma, & MORE! (Kansas 1/2 Mile) --- FAST Cars Street Race in FREEZING Temperatures (OG Limpy Cash Days) --- Rolled his Jeep and BROKE HIS BACK + Sick Week CHAMPION | Sick Week Day 5 ———————————————————————————————————— MAPerformance your one stop shop for race car needs! ► Need BOOST? Grab a Procharger! ► Need more Power? Texas Speed has you covered ► ———————————————————————————————————— Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Snapchat ► Crew_1320Video

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