The Shiners (2020) - Full Movie

A Street Race setup between two small town rivals. The Take is Two Cases of moonshine and a little cash. The Challenges the SRC Gang will face are unsuspecting. They haven't had any trouble getting caught before. Mayor Weston puts a little pressure on Ole Barney to "wick it up." A cat and mouse game between the Shiners and Barney makes this one an unforgettable classic. Inspired by Smoky and The Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, Return To Macon Couny, American Graffiti. Special thanks to: Lucore Automotive Death Row Tow LLC Chelle's Diner Stoneburner's Grocery **SHINERS MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW** - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop SRC Merchandise: Instagram: @streetracingchannel Support the Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out Our Sponsors: Skinnies Skreecret Sauce: (GET 15% OFF) Code: SRC15 Stinger Race Fuels: Click Find a Dealer, Then Check the Stinger Race Fuel Box, Check the Street Racing Channel Box when asked how did you hear about us! Weld Tables: Hot Shot's Secret: Vickers Performance Transmissions: (330) 584-3679 11152 Bandy Rd, Alliance, OH 44601 Optic Armor:

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